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Trauma Discharge Therapy. Library Image: Depressed Person

What is Trauma Discharge Therapy?

Trauma Discharge Therapy is a new BodyMind therapy that specifically aims to reduce the amount of trauma carried or imprinted in our nervous system. It does this through the delivery of a unique type of Massage which is a powerful blend of Massage, Psycology and the very latest Neuroscience.

This Massage focuses on movements that directly impact the nervous system that has taken over 500 million years to evolve. Such movements allow the accumulated truama of both past and present generations to be released or discharged from the nervous system.

As a consequence of this discharge we build our resilience - the single most important aspect of our health and wellbeing. It does this by using a specialised approach to touch. This touch is specifically designed to provide a pathway for the "locked in" energy of trauma to discharge itself out of the nervous sysyem and the body.

On way to think of it is to consider how the electrical imbalance of the planet discharges itself through lightening. Trauma Discharge Therapy acts for trauma just like a lightening conductor acts for pent up electrical energy in nature. Think of how the thunder clouds build up more and more electrical charge in the sky until they finally discharge their pent up energy into the ground thruogh lightening strikes.

Trauma Discharge Therapy acts like the copper lightening conductors on hight buildings - touch provides a physical and kinetic pathway for pent up accumulated trauma to escape out of the nervous system. This is probably theclearest metaphor we can use to describe Trauma Discharge Therapy.

However, this is where the metaphor ends because this trauma it discharged gently and without any drama or discomfort.

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I don't like being touched and was certain massage was not for me. As I am a wheel chair user I was struggling to keep the muscles in my legs strong with physio. I was moaning away one day when a friend suggested I have a word with Claire about her "No Hands Massage". No Hands I thouhgt even I could manage that.
So I gave it a try, once a week for a month. Hoping it would help with the muscle weakness in my legs, feet and ankles and the exaggerated strenght ans accompanying stresses and strains in my wrists and ankles.
In deed it did help in this area and with my balance as well.
I was surprised to say the least when I noticed the weekly massages was beginning to assist my life in other ways.
Particularly in the areas of my mental health and well being.

The massage seemed to have unblocking properties.

After the loss of a close and well loved person in my life I had become withdrawn and disconnected from all around me yet after only four sessiond I found myself able to cry which led me to being able to grieve my loss and even visit the cemetery.
These two events have led to me being able to slowly get back on with the day to day functions that I had been unable to cope with.
I am now in the process of returning to my studies.
I am looking forward to attending more sessions in the future
Love Leanora

Leanora Rose Aqotu - Shepherds Bush, London

"Stressed. Often overwhelmed, with significan muscle aches, mainly on my back as a result.
I had never tried the "No Hands massage" but was willing to give it a go.
I have been very pleasently surprised about the healing/energy restoring/medative aspect of the therapy.
It enable me to reduced (painfree). Less overwhelmed. More able to cope with the stresses life continues to throw at me.

Aglaja Dar - Consultant Geriatrician - Hounslow, London

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