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Touch for Wellbeing No Hands® Massage Therapist in Hammersmith & Fulham

"Coming to these massages is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It has been healing at times, sometimes served as a peacemaker, sometimes was a pitstop and sometimes felt very empowering. It kept me connected to myself.
Given the size of London I have to travel for an hour to get here; but it's worth it."
Jessica Rasche
Wood Green, North London

Treatment Packages. the-millenium-clinic

Treatment Packages

You don't learn to drive by taking one lesson a year. You book lots of lessons and drive regularly. Likewise, you cannot put your body back into the path of health and healing with just an occasional treatment. All deep and lasting healing happens naturally - which means gradually, over time, through repetition. This means you benefit so much more from booking a series of treatments.

This is why I offer treatment packages - because it is what works. It is also the very best value for money you can get. These packages provide the highest standard of treatment at the lowest possible prices possible.


This package is ideal for new clients. The purpose is to kick-start the healing process to release a long-term issue.

  • 4 1-hour treatment
  • Taken 1 per week
  • The series must be completed within 4 weeks


The NO HANDS Detox Package

The Detox Package is series of four treatments over one month. You have one session each week. This give your body the chance to go into Detox mode and then to maintain that steadily over a whole month. This allows your body to release toxins residing deep in the tissues. This happens gently and slowly in order to minimise the disruption that such deep and powerful Detox can cause to the rest of your life.

HOMEWORK - For greater impact you continue the massage with daily skin-brushing and daily colon "work out".
The gentler the treatment, the longer lasting are the benefits.


  • 4 x 45 min treatments in total
  • One treatment per week
  • Daily skin brushing, colon "work out" (homework)
  • Nutritional guidance to get the most out of your detox
  • Duration month

£194 includes the DETOX BOX

The NO HANDS Colon Package

To make up for the many years of abuse that the colon has received (from refined junk foods and their excesses), go for the colon clinic. The clinic comprises a series of seven colon treatments over five weeks. Because it is gentle and gradual it will not disrupt your life in the same way as more aggressive and invasive colon therapies can. This work will help you to rebuild the strength and health of your colon naturally for the rest of your life.

It is about so much more than just a single "quick fix" elimination.


  • 4 x 45-minutes treatments in total
  • 1 treatment per week for 4 weeks
  • Duration: 5 weeks


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