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Touch for Wellbeing No Hands® Massage Therapist in Hammersmith & Fulham

You don't learn to drive by taking one lesson a year. You book lots of lessons and drive regularly. Likewise, you cannot put your body back into the path of health and healing with just an occasional treatment. All deep and lasting healing happens naturally - which means gradually, over time, through repetition. This means you benefit so much more from booking a series of treatments.
This is why I offer treatment packages - because it is what works. It is also the very best value for money you can get. These packages provide the highest standard of treatment at the lowest possible prices possible.

A kick start boost to getting out of pain

In my experience muscular tension builds up over a period of time eventually leading to pain. If you are struggling and want to reduce pain as quickly as possible and get on top for the discomfort I would recommend this option.

The purpose is to kick-start the healing process to release a long-term issue.

    6 x 60 minute treatment sessions in 2 months
  • = 4 x treatment sessions in 4 weeks
  • = 2 x fortnightly sessions
  • = review at the end of 8 weeks

COST £294


This will suit you if you are feeling low energy and would like to feel uplifted and looking change in whether that be physical, emotional, energy, mental, and even a change in spirit.

The purpose is to connect, decompress and breath, and release.

    6 x 60 minute fortnightly treatments for three months.
  • = review at the end of 8 weeks

COST £270


Life stresses can impact on our mind , which in turn causes tension in our bodies depending on how skilled we are at coping with what life throws at us. If you are looking for that peaceful environment, a place where you can regularly connect with your being, BREATH, FEEL, and LET GO (a pit stop!) this might be the right one for you.


    3 x 60 minute treatments sessions
  • 1 x 1 treatment per month
  • Review after 3 months

COST £156

The "Introductory offer"!

Find out for yourself what a NO HANDS massage is all about. Take time out and just feel it!
With this fantastic offer you can experience the full power

Also a great way to experience the power of NO HANDS without the need of undressing or the use of oils. Working entirely through a towel that protects your clothing. I can deliver the full depth to the NO HANDS experience......…
You gain all the benefits and outcomes from a regular oiled massage on all the levels be itphysical, energy, emotional, mental and spiritual


  • 1 x 60 minute treatment
  • Consultation & massage tailored to your needs
  • £40

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