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Touch for Wellbeing No Hands® Massage Therapist in Hammersmith & Fulham


You don't learn to drive by taking one lesson a year. You book lots of lessons and drive regularly. Likewise, you cannot put your body back into the path of health and healing with just an occasional treatment. All deep and lasting healing happens naturally - which means gradually, over time, through repetition. This means you benefit so much more from booking a series of treatments.
This is why I offer treatment packages - because it is what works. It is also the very best value for money you can get. These packages provide the highest standard of treatment at the lowest possible prices possible.

This package is ideal for new clients. The purpose is to kick-start the healing process to release a long-term issue.

  • 4 1-hour treatment
  • Taken 1 per week
  • The series must be completed within 4 weeks


The stresses and strains of daily life and work can have a profound impact on our mind and body in ways that we are not fully conscious. It can manifest on different levels ie; physically, emotionally, energy, mentally, and even spiritually. This option is for you if you are wanting to reduce stress, tension, be able to relax more easily, and make those changes to take back control of your life.


  • 1-hour treatments
  • Fortnightly - 2 per month.
  • A series of 3 months


If you think you could benefit from being more in touch with your body, detoxing not just physically but emotionally, energetically, mentally, and spiritually,uncovering hidden allergies, losing weight(effortlessly) whilst having those around you commenting on how much you're glowing,this is for!
This is a powerful treatment which combines working specific reflex points in your feet with the deep and powerful NO HANDS Colon treatment. This stimulates your body's own natural instinct to detoxify and cleanse itself. It is particularly good for those times in your life when you just know you need a good "clear out".....

The Detox Programme is a series of four treatments over one month. You have one session each week. This give your body the chance to go into Detox mode and then to maintain that steadily over a whole month. This allows your body to release toxins residing deep in the tissues. This happens gently and slowly in order to minimise the disruption that such deep and powerful Detox can cause to the rest of your life.


  • 4 x 45 min treatments in total
  • One treatment per week
  • Daily skin brushing, colon "work out" (homework)
  • Nutritional guidance to get the most out of your detox
  • Duration month

For greater impact you continue the massage with daily skin-brushing and daily colon "work out".
The gentler the treatment, the longer lasting are the benefits.

THE DETOX BOXcontains a massive crystal ball you use to give your colon and belly a serious daily 'work out', a skin brush with which to 'awaken' you body's largest organ of elimination- the skin, and a booklet guiding you through the four week programme including a section on how to trigger your body's natural detoxification reflex.
This is a detox programme you can use as often as you like


A great way to experience the power of NO HANDS without the need of undressing or the use of oils. Working entirely through a towel that protects your clothing. I can deliver the full depth to the NO HANDS experience......…
You gain all the benefits and outcomes from a regular oiled massage on all the levels be itphysical, energy, emotional, mental and spiritual


  • 4 x 45-minutes treatments in total
  • 1 treatment per week for 4 weeks
  • Duration: 4 weeks

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