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Touch for Wellbeing No Hands® Massage Therapist in Hammersmith & Fulham

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My name is Claire Skeete

I am a Massage Therapist specialising in the NO HANDS® approach to massage.

Touch for Wellbeing offers NO HANDS® Massage and a range of holistic body work to help you achieve total balance and well being. As my journey evolves I will be able to offer you additional therapies and treatments.

My Clients are busy men and women who want to get rid of pain, who want to reduce anxiety and stress in their lives and want to "MOVE better and FEEL better"

My therapy practice is based in the Hammersmith & Fulham borough with good transport connections to anywhere in most parts of London.

If you would like to tack advantage of my "introductory offer" >please do give me a call


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  • I have been struggling with tension in my neck, shoulders, and back
  • I sit at a desk all day and I feel stiff and achy
  • I am finding it hard to relax
  • I am thinking about work when I am at home
  • I have been advised that massage will help
  • I am looking for a massage therapist in Hammersmith & West London

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  • I am stressed and often overwhelmed.
  • I am struggling with significant muscular aches and pains
  • I want to be more able to cope
  • I want to feel connected and grounded

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  • I want to loose weight
  • I want to cleanse and detox
  • I need help to get me on the right track
  • I want to transform my health

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  • I have never had a massage before and would like to try it
  • I feel uncomfortable taking all my clothes off but would like a massage
  • I do not want oil on my body and I am allergic to oils

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"Coming to these massages is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It has been healing at times, sometimes served as a peacemaker, sometimes was a pitstop and sometimes felt very empowering. It kept me connected to myself.
Given the size of London I have to travel for an hour to get here; but it's worth it."
Jessica Rasche
Wood Green, North London

"Stressed! Often overwhelmed with significant muscle aches mainly on my back as a result. I had never tried the "hands off massage" but was willing to give it a go. I have been v. pleasantly surprised about the healing /energy releasing/meditative aspect of the therapy. It enables me to regain balance, (pain free) less overwhelmed, more able to cope with the stresses life continues to throw at me"
Dr A Dar
Consultant Geriatrician
Charing Cross Hospital

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