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Touch for Wellbeing No Hands® Massage Therapist in Hammersmith & Fulham

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My name is Claire Skeete

I am a Massage Therapist specialising in the NO HANDS® approach to massage.

I am here to help people with muscular tension, aches and pain get out of pain so that they can MOVE BETTER and FEEL BETTER.
I am here for people who are struggling with a busy and overwhelming life. I give you the time and space to stop, be still, and recharge your batteries, let go of any tension and clear your mind.

Using the Healing Power of Touch - Massage

I can work out those areas of knots and problem areas - particularly neck and shoulders.
You will be able to unwind, release, and let go of unwanted tension.
You will have the space and time to clear your mind of any thing you no longer need.


  • I offer massage treatments and treatment packages.
  • I am a Licenced Training Instructor with the NO HANDS Massage Company.
  • I run 1 day Introductory workshops and full courses teaching qualified therapists the NO HANDS Massage approach to working zero strain.

Touch for Wellbeing offers NO HANDS® Massage and a range of holistic body work to help you achieve total balance and well being. As my journey evolves I will be able to offer you additional therapies and treatments.

Call me If you are looking for Massage Therapy in Hammersmith, Fulham, West Kensington, Olympia, Shepherds Bush, Brook Green, Barons Court, Kensington, West London. I am based in West London with easy travel links to Central London.


  • If you are overwhelmed by a busy work schedule?
  • If you are finding it hard to relax?
  • If you are feeling tired, lacking energy?
  • If you are worried about how your body will cope and get you through a long day?


  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce stress and calm the mind
  • Boost your energy so that you can "Move better and Feel better

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NO HANDS Massage stands for excellence in the quality and power of the touch that you receive. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. This trademark guarantees the purity of tradition. It means that I have been trained to a higher standard of Massage than many therapists and that I have been personally endorsed by the founder of NO HANDS ®Massage, Gerry Pyves. This is unique in the UK-that the quality of an approach is preserved so completely.

NO HANDS Massage is what people who want more than just a 'skin rub' choose for their Massage treatment. It is about change, letting go, releasing and transforming ourselves. Sometimes we know in advance what this change is going to be and sometimes we just trust, let go and only realise what it was all about two weeks after the session!